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News: 19.10.2018

Standardized collaborative palletizer

RC10 is a standardized palletizing cell with collaborative robot, it is compact, quick to install and easy to configure. The use of a collaborative robot significantly reduces the footprint, by over 50% compared to cells with industrial robots maximizing your production floor space.

The machine is specifically made for automatic palletizing of undamaged, clean and square-shaped carton boxes from a fixed picking position. Easy layer configuration with a tablet application, without any need for complicated robot programming.

The collaborative robot is user-safe, making a fence system or a cage unnecessary and instead lets the operator work side-by-side with the robot. RC10 is easy to move for one person, thanks to the docking station.

News: 18.10.2018

Compact Spiral Elevator – Increased possibilities

FlexLink presents its new Compact spiral elevator solution, offering a 40% smaller footprint compared to the most common solutions on the market, saving valuable floor space.